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Natural Flu Remedies

Sunday, January 15th, 2017 2:33pm

Find out How to Dodge the Flu Without a Shot,

the No shot Flu Remedy and answer the age old question, Flu Shot or Not? Top 5 Natural Flu Remedies revealed.
Every year the flu season arrives like a blanket spread across the nation. The flu shot that was engineered for a virus 2 years ago is metered out with little or adverse results. This happens because viruses mutate every 17 days and the vaccine built 2 years ago now has many generations of virus that are resistant to the old batch of flu shots that are given this year. Finish this article originally posted 1-15-17 here.

The # 1 flu, influenza remedy. Time tested for over 115 years and the flu virus does not build up an immunity to it.

There are only two methods of commercial production of colloidal silver. We offer both methods of colloidal Silver.
Mild Protein (oldest form 115 yrs + most tested)
High Voltage (newest process, about 25 years old)

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Colloidal Silver in the News

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 4:26pm

Colloidal Silver in the News,

the Wall Street Journal© announces that the “War Against Germs Has Silver Lining”.*

Big Business Discovers Colloidal Silver

By James Zeller

New York NY, **reprinted January 10 2017

The “powers” of colloidal silver have been heralded for hundreds of years

only to be quieted by penicillin and other bacteria killers conjured up in the pharmaceutical labs, given Latin names and used to fight every bacterium originated disease known to man.

The results of shunning this natural “nano-sized” (nano = one billionth of a meter) antibiotic has been that diseases have evolved to have a resistance to the man made antibiotics and now scientist are scrambling to find replacements for the antibiotics that have survived less than 100 years.

There are critics that hypothesize that the large pharmaceutical companies are pressuring the regulatory agencies to prevent nano-sized silver products from being sold directly to the public without the giants taking their cut. Websites have sold silver nanoparticles in solution known as colloidal silver without the ability to mention what the product will cure or testimonials from those that have had positive results.


Curad USA, makers of hospital bandages lined with nano-silver particles

now has released Curad Silver Bandages for the home use instead of a Band-aid. Curad claims “that silver reduced bacterial growth like Staph. aureaus, E. coli, E. hirae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa”.

Samsung Electronics has introduced a refrigerator and new laundry washing machine that uses silver ions to sanitize the laundry and eliminate 99% of odor causing bacteria (sold at Lowe’s and Best Buy). Plank, a Boston company, has launched a new soap for Yoga users that lists silver as the main active ingredient. The company has a toothpaste and shampoo in R&D that is imbued with silver.

Asia has become the largest consumer of products that uses the nano-silver as a antimicrobial ingredient. Colloidal silver is known to kill virus, is it possible they are guarding against bird flu?

While some agencies strive to prevent you from buying colloidal silver online, the EPA is clear that we NOW have silver in our drinking supply and has, for health purposes established a daily reference dose for silver in drinking water at 350 micrograms (u.g) and a critical dose at 1400 u.g. In contrast, international health bodies, such as the World Health Organization, have not established such standards for silver since its toxicity is very low.

Silver “becomes more active against microbes when it’s made into small particles because they can cover more surface area when they come into direct contact with bacteria,” according to Andrew Maynard, physicist and chief scientific adviser for studies on Emerging Nanotechnologies underway at Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington.

Adidas, and Polartec have licensed silver coated nylon fabric known as X-Static (Noble Biomaterials Inc.) to incorporate antimicrobial silver in athletic and outdoor clothing for their ability to kill odors and promote thermal properties. Brooks Sports sells a line (HVAC) of socks, caps and shirts that use silver to differentiate them from all others.

ARC Outdoors uses silver infused fabric from NanHorizon Inc. to produce antimicrobial socks for the U.S. military. SmartSilver is a brand of odor-eliminating underwear, stocking caps and gloves that kills bacteria on contact using nano-particle-sized-silver. ARC sells to Wal-Mart, Bass ProShops, Cabela’s and wants to expand to hospital products such as sheets and surgical scrubs.

Sharper Image has introduced a plastic food storage container that is infused with nano-silver particles that they claim will keep food fresher, longer.

So what diseases will colloidal silver display benefits for? Bacteria and virus are known to be killed by silver suspended in a liquid of nanoparticle size called colloidal silver. In addition to the bacterial growths like Staph. aureaus, E. coli, E. hirae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa mentioned by Curad and Maynard, yeast, fungus and virus have all died in tests using colloidal silver. So is yeast infection a yeast? Yes. Is ringworm a fungus? Yes. Is acne caused by bacteria? Yes. Is sinusitis caused by a bacteria infection? Yes. Is silver used in infants eyes? Yes. Is silver used for burn victims? Yes. Is colloidal silver an immune system support? Yes. Will colloidal silver be the answer for bird flu? Is bird flu a virus? Read original post 1-10-17

**Colloidal Silver Featured first submitted by James Zeller June 07, 2006.

* Rhonda L. Rundle, 6-6-06, WSJ ©

Oregano oil, Origanum vulgare and Origanum compactum

Sunday, January 08th, 2017 1:45pm

Oregano oil is derived from two members of the mint family, Origanum vulgare and Origanum compactum

using a steam process to extract oil of oregano from the leaves and flowers of this bushy perennial herb of the (Lamiaceae) mint family. This therapeutically beneficial oil is produced from indigenous oregano that grows in the Mediterranean mountainous regions. For the last 4,000 years, the Oregano herb has been used as a medicine by healers and doctors all over the world.N-Ergetics 59 Origanum vulgare is the most common but Origanum compactum is highly sought after and usually more costly as it is mostly wild harvested from the mountains of Spain and Greece.

The oregano plants are harvested only when the Carvacrol, (a phenol that attributes most of the health benefits, with beneficial antioxidant effects) is at its highest levels, optimally at or above 80%.

This herbal oil has antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial, properties and is a powerful antimicrobial that helps fight off infections acting as a superior immune system support. In Europe, Oregano oil has been used to alleviate sinus infections, kill parasites, arrest colds, stop infections, nail fungus, insect repellant, Urinary tract infections (UTIs), rheumatoid arthritis, Respiratory infections, flu, asthma, croup, bronchitis, yeast infections, gum disease, toothaches, Parasitic infections, used on dandruff, cold sores, sore throats.

Oregano (Origanum vulgare) essential oil is high in carvacrol, a potent anti-inflammatory.

Phenols and Phenylpropanoids are compounds of carbon-ring molecules incorporating on isoprene unit. They are sometimes call hemiterpenes. There are dozens of varieties of phenylpropanoids. They are found in OREGANO (60%), in Basil (75%), in Clove (90%), Cassia (80%), Peppermint (25%), Cinnamon (73%), and Anise (50%).

While they can create conditions where unfriendly viruses and bacteria cannot live, the most important function performed by phenylpropanoids is that they clean the receptor sites on the cells. Without clean receptor sites cells cannot communicate, and the body malfunctions, resulting in sickness.

Dr. Oz says, “Stock your medicine cabinet with Oregano oil… a musthave for holistic cures.”

Application: Dilute 1 part Oregano essential oil with 4 parts virgin olive oil;

(1) apply neet (undiluted) to bottom of feet or palms of hands,
(2) chakras/vitaflex points, 1-2 drops on location
(3) diffuse
(4) take as a dietary supplement (if diluted for internal use)

Caution: May irritate the nasal membranes if inhaled directly from diffuser or bottle.

Oregano (Origanum compactum) is one of the most powerful antimicrobial essential oils. Laboratory research at Weber State University showed it to have a 99% kill rate against in vitro colonies of Streptococcus pneumoniae, a micro-organism responsible for many kinds of lung and throat infections. This oil is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic.

Lemon Essential Oil

Saturday, April 11th, 2015 5:49pm

When using diffused lemon essential oil the University of Japan found that there were 54% fewer errors in the office.

lemon essential oil uses

When lemon essential oil was diffused while studying or taking a test, test scores increased by as much as 50%.

The aroma of the oil may encourage recall of facts and figures learned while studying.

Lemon oil is antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral and a disinfectant.

Lemon oil supports immune system function, is used in skin care, skin cleanse, reduces wrinkles, supports asthma, herpes, warts, shingles, urinary tract infections, improves memory and relaxation, blood pressure, respiratory infections & strengthens nails.

The Aromatic effect of Lemon Essential Oil is very uplifting to the mind and body, improving concentration and relaxation.

Where to Buy Lemon Essential Oil

1995 Mie University found that lemon oil aroma boosted immunity, reduced depression, and induced relaxation.

Lemon essential oil supports healthy skin and circulatory system as a cleanser and detoxifier.

Rub lemon essential oil on bunions, calluses, or corns to soothe the affected area twice a day.

Add a drop of lemon essential oil to your tea.

Diffuse lemon essential oil (in a diffuser, on a cotton ball, dryer sheet or paper towel) in your office, study or work place for a fresh scent that enhances memory and reduce errors.

Add 3-4 drops of lemon essential oil to create a savory chicken marinade.

Add lemon essential oil to a gallon (10-15 drops) of carpet cleaning solution to help brighten carpets, lift out stains, and leave a fresh scent in the room.

Dilute one part lemon oil with one part virgin olive oil.

Do not consume any essential oil without the direction of your clinician, or aroma therapist.

DISCLAIMER: These statements in this video have not been evaluated by the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration . Nothing stated here should be considered as medical advice for dealing with a given problem, to cure, diagnose, prevent, or treat, any disease. All information posted on this site is provided for educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical advice. Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice in the USA.

Lemon Oil Video

Lavender Soap

Sunday, March 29th, 2015 6:40pm

Lavender Soap made with (Lavandula angustifolia) has a luxurious, fresh, sweet, floral aroma that is refreshing and soothing as a bath soap.lavender soap uses Lavender oil is an adaptogen, for the body when winding down and relaxing before bedtime, adapting to imbalances or stress. Lavender Soap also has balancing properties that can also boost energy and stamina. Lavender soap is an aid for skin when used to cleanse burns, common cuts, soothe skin irritations, bruises, or disinfecting the scalp and skin. The Latin name of lavender means “to wash” or to “bathe”.

Lavender oil is sometimes used to induce natural sleep for those suffering insomnia.

Buy Lavender oil soap here as an exquisite luxury in a bath bar made with therapeutic lavender oil, 75 colloidal minerals, aloe vera and colloidal silver to give that fresh, clean soothing feeling of being pampered! Click the link below this video to see lavender soap and essential oil for sale.

Regular use of lavender soap made from Lavandula angustifolia lavender essential oil supports your immune system allowing you to naturally guard and build a resistance to a number of diseases. It is well documented that lavender essential oil has antiviral and antibacterial qualities. Lavender oil also has antiseptic and antifungal properties on the skin. Lavender oil is commonly used to aid the healing process of burns, cuts, wounds, and sunburns.

Aromatherapist and dermatologists claim lavender essential oil is one of the most used, most beneficial oils of all the essential oils available to us for aromatherapy, topical and internal uses.
Lavender Soap with Lavender oil takes advantage the inherent antiseptic and antifungal properties of lavender oil on the skin and digestive tract.

Some multi-level essential oil companies train their salespeople to claim that if a label says “not for internal use” that the essential oil is adulterated with foreign oils or chemicals. This is a ruse so that you will pay 3-5 times the real value of the oil through their multi-level scheme.

It is far easier for the honest retailer to say this product is not for internal use, but is 100% pure, and has not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Nothing stated here should be considered as medical advice for dealing with a given problem, or to diagnose / treat / prevent / cure any disease.

No artificial color or artificial oil was used to make this soap.

Oregano Oil Health Benefits, Oil of Oregano

Sunday, May 29th, 2011 11:39pm

Oregano oil health benefits can be attributed to the two main constituents, carvacrol and thymol found in the optimum proportions in essential oil of oregano. Oregano oil health benefits of Oregano Essential Oil lists its benefits in a vast array ranging from, anti allergenic, digestive, anti viral, anti fungal, anti parasitic, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, to emenagogue.

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The oregano oil health benefits are also magnified with medicinal use, aromatherapy and therapeutic use of oregano oil. Essential oil of oregano is known to have high levels of free radical fighting antioxidants, that protect the body from damage to our body’s DNA that would ultimately affect our immune system and overall lifespan.Try Oregano Soap

Oregano oil has a laundry list of actions that herald oil of oregano as one of the most used essential oils by the Eastern and Western hemispheres. These actions are listed as oregano oil health benefits:

Analgesic, antheminthic, antirheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antioxic, antiviral, bactericidal, carminative, choleretic, cytopylactic, diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant, febrifuge, fungicidal, parasiticide, rubefacient, stimulant, tonic, and even more health benefits of oregano oil,

    AntiAllergenic: A sedating property of Essential Oregano Oil. Allergy causes a hyper-reaction of body because of external stimuli (i.e. pollen, dust, food, paint, alcohol etc.). Oregano Oil calms down this hyper-sensitivity with its sedative property.
    AntiBacterial: Oil of Oregano protects you against bacterial infections. Oregano oil health benefits includes protection against diseases caused by bacteria, such as food poisoning, infections in the urinary tract, colon, skin, cholera, typhoid, sores.
    AntiFungal: Virus, protozoa and fungi are responsible for many types of infectious and communicable diseases. Some of these fungal afflictions are fatal infections appearing internally and externally. These infections of the throat, nose and ear, can reach the brain if untreated early causing eventual death.
    Anti Inflammatory: Essential oregano oil is excellent when sedating all types of external or internal inflammation.

    AntiOxidant: One of the most beneficial Oregano oil health benefits is as an antioxidant. Oregano oil as an antioxidant repairs the damages incurred by free radicals in the body and neutralizes the free radicals or oxidants lose in the body. As the free radicals are neutralized, the aging process is slowed down. Some of the effects free radicals are; degeneration of muscle due to aging, some cancers, wrinkles, macular degeneration, nervous disorders, loss of hearing and vision.
    AntiParasitic: Most parasites, such as fleas, lice, mosquitoes, bed bugs and intestinal worms carry communicable diseases. Since these parasites use the human body as a food source, Oregano Essential Oil, used internally or externally eliminates these noxious pest.
    AntiViral: Viral infections are almost impossible to combat with pharmaceutical drugs. The viruses of the diseases chicken pox, measles, mumps and the common cold have been killed in vitro by oil of oregano.

    Digestive: Oregano Essential Oil promotes digestion by stimulating secretion of more digestive juices.
    Emenagogue: Oregano oil also support the regularizing of menstruations and relieving obstructed menses.
    • Other Oregano oil health benefits : oregano has been found to help heal the flu, Athlete’s foot, Eczema, insect bites, Psoriasis, halitosis, staph infections toothache, gum disease, bladder infections, ulcerations, boils, bronchitis, burns, bursitis, canker sores, dandruff, ear infections, nail fungus, food poisoning, hepatitis, impetigo, irritable bowel syndrome, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, psoriasis, ringworm, scabies, shingles, sinusitis, spider bits, and snake bites.

The natural health community and scientific community have combined their energies and studies to provide the evidence needed to verify that oregano oil health benefits are viable in the twenty first century.

Dr. Cass Ingram’s book The Cure is in The Cupboard, How to use oregano for better Health, outlines extensively oregano oil health benefits.

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Patchouli Essential Oils as an Aphrodisiac?

Friday, May 27th, 2011 11:52am

Patchouli essential oils became popular in the 1960’s as an aphrodisiac. Patchouli essential oil has a distinctive fragrance that is sweet, spicy, heady, woody, even smoky, and slightly balsamic. The oval leaves and square stems of the patchouli bush are hairy and when they are rubbed the unusual odor of patchouli is released. These bushes grow two to three feet in height, and the leaves are dried and fermented for several days before patchouli essential is distilled from that brew.

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The machines used by the distillation process determine the color of patchouli essential oil. When iron machinery is used, patchouli essential oils are an exotic dark orange but if distillation is done in stainless steel vessels, the resulting patchouli essential oils are a pale golden yellow color with a medium consistency. This strong and distinctive aroma is of medium strength, with a base note, and is balancing, sensual, uplifting, and regenerative.

When used as a perfume ingredient Patchouli essential oils are preferred to be aged instead of newly harvested. As a fixative, Patchouli essential oils extend more expensive oils. Some people indicate that they allow their oil to “age” to allow the heady fragrance to intensify.

The earthy smell of Patchouli essential oils grounds and helps people to center, especially when they have spaced out ways of thinking, or overly daydreaming. This quality of Patchouli essential oils is also useful with procrastination that occurs from confused or depressive or negative thoughts.

Patchouli essential oils are beneficial to skin care products for mature skin, oily skin, scarring, and conditions such as dermatitis, dandruff, athlete’s foot, sores, acne, and skin irritations. Skin cell renewal is enhanced by the regenerative properties of Patchouli essential oils.

As a bug repellant, Patchouli essential oils are effective, and historically Patchouli essential oils(Click to Buy) have been used on snake bites and insect bites.

An aphrodisiac is a substance that arouses or stimulates sensual arousal. Aromatherapeutic oils enhance sexuality by fragrances that stimulate our brain and our skin centers to remember an innate sensuality. Patchouli essential oils are listed as an aphrodisiac by Julia Lawless in The Complete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy.

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Bergamot Essential Oils

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 7:25pm

Bergamot essential oils have a famous flavor and scent responsible for the distinct taste in Earl Grey Teas. Bergamot essential oils are derived from a small citrus fruit that grows on small trees about 15 feet high. With smooth oval leaves, this tree bears small round fruit that ripens from green to yellow, looking like a miniature orange.

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Bergamot tropical trees originally came from South East Asia but were introduced to Italy and Europe, and are found in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria as well as the Ivory Coast. The flowers are star shaped on this citrus tree. The fruit from whence come Bergamot essential oils looks like a cross between grapefruit and oranges but can be pear shaped. Commercially, Bergamot essential oils are obtained from plants grown in southern Italy and the Ivory Coast.

The fruit peel of the nearly ripe fruit from this plant Citrus Bergamia (botanical name) is used from which to extract Bergamot essential oils by cold compression. Bergamot is part of the citrus family Rutaceae. Bergamot essential oils are thin oils that varies in color from light yellowish green to a yellowish brown. When Bergamot essential oils are aged, it turns a browning olive color. The scent has a middle note, and its strength varies between low to medium.

The fragrance of Bergamot essential oils is a citrus scent; it is fresh, and sweet, fruity and has a slightly spicy balsamic undertone. The city of Bergamot in the Lombardy area of Italy was the first to sell Bergamot essential oils and thereby gained its name. In Italian folk medicine Bergamot essential oils has been used for many years for treatment of malaria, fever and worms. For hundreds of years, Bergamot essential oils have been used to work with skin conditions related to oily complexions in the Middle East. The distinctive flavor of Earl Grey Tea comes from the use of Bergamot essential oil as a flavoring.

In her book, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils, Julia Lawless describes the key qualities of Bergamot essential oils as “Reviving, refreshing, calming, soothing, uplifting, sedative, regulating, balancing, anti-depressant.”

Some of the common uses of Bergamot essential oils have been depression, tension, insomnia, agitation, hysteria, stress, tension, infection, anorexia, eczema, psoriasis, viral infections (Herpes, cold sore) and intestinal parasites. Some other uses for Bergamot essential oils have been suggested for bronchitis, oily complexions, coughs, sore throats, tonsillitis, respiratory infections, thrush, and urinary infections.

One cautionary note on Bergamot essential oils is that it should not be used on skin that could be exposed to sunshine or UV lighting within 36 hours after application, because pigmentation changes can occur. Bergamot essential oils are very photo-sensitive.

Blends of Bergamot essential oils work especially well with Jasmine, Lavender, geranium, chamomile, cypress, neroli, lemon, juniper, coriander and violet.

Action of Bergamot essential oils are described by Julia Lawless as “analgesic, anathematic, anti-depressant, antiseptic (pulmonary, genitor-urinary), antispasmodic, antitoxic, carminative, digestive, diuretic, deodorant” and a few others. Bergamot essential oils have been used extensively as a fragrance and in many eau-de-colognes. Bergamot essential oils have wide usage in many food categories and beverages.

Bergamot is one of the top most popular Essential Oils used worldwide. Click to purchase Bergamot essential oil.

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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Monday, May 23rd, 2011 4:31pm

ylang ylang oilYlang Ylang Essential Oil is one of the most sought after essential oils for its exquisite fragrance. Grown in Madagascar, Indonesia and the Philippines, large, tender, fragrant flowers bloom on tropical trees that grow up to 68 feet in height. Ylang Ylangs’ botanical name is Cananga Odorata of the botanical family Annonaceae. The yellow, mauve, and pink flowers are freshly picked in the morning to yield the greatest distillation of ylang ylang essential oil. They are called the flower of flowers and the ylang ylang essential oil is used in many perfumes. The yellow flowers are hailed to yield the best ylang ylang essential oil.

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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is steam distilled a number of times. The perfume grade is the made from the first distillation. Three more distillations in the lengthy distillation process yields Grade I, Grade II, and Grade III. Grade III is the lowest grade ylang ylang essential oil.

Characteristically colorless to a pale yellow, ylang ylang essential oil has a thin consistency, is a base note on the scent scale, and has high to medium odor intensity. The scent is described as sweet, exotic, light, floral, rich, heady, slightly spicy, balsamic, and voluptuous. Qualities of the ylang ylang essential oil scent have been said to be soothing, powerfully sedative, calming, even euphoria inducing and narcotic if used in large quantities.

The aromas is exotic, an aphrodisiac, and perhaps that is why Indonesians would cover the bed of a newlywed couple on the wedding night with ylang ylang flowers.

Ylang Ylang essential Oil has been commonly used to assist some circulation issues as high blood pressure, palpitations, abnormally fast breathing, heart arrhythmias, and tachycardia. Common nervous systems uses for ylang ylang essential oils aromatherapy have been depression, insomnia, mental fatigue, stress-related disorders, impotence, frigidity, shock, and nervous tension. Skin care aromatherapy uses of ylang ylang essential oil has been acne, oily skin, hair rinses, insect bites, hair loss, and general skin care. Ylang Ylang essential oil is best suited for the skin care and perfume industries.

Safety data on ylang ylang essential oil says it is non-toxic, and a non-irritant, but could cause sensitivity with too much use. The heady fragrance of the ylang ylang essential oil could cause headache or nausea, so use in moderation.

According to Dr. Gary Young, ylang ylang essential oils balances blood pressure, regulates the heartbeat, may stimulate the adrenal glands, and help with intestinal issues. The fragrance is calming and relaxing, helps sooth anger from frustration. It helps bring the feeling of self-love, joy, confidence, and peace.

Ylang ylang essential oil has been used to promote shiny thick hair, and may even help control split ends, when used in hair preparations. Ylang Ylang essential Oil has been used extensively in perfumes, soaps, and cosmetics. Ylang ylang essential oils even has been used as a flavor ingredient in soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, desserts and fruit flavorings.

Actions noted for Ylang Ylang essential Oil: antidepressant, aphrodisiac, euphoric, antispasmodic, anti-infectious, antiseborrheic, antiseptic, hypotensive, nervine, sedative (nervous), stimulant (circulatory), regulator, tonic.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil has a sedative and euphoric effect on the nervous system and helps with fear, shock, anxiety, panic and tension. The aphrodisiac qualities are useful as a supplement for frigidity and impotence. Where to buy Ylang Ylang Essential Oil? Click here.

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Patchouli Essential Oil

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 4:12pm

Patchouli Essential Oil is extracted from the dried leaves or flowers of Pogostemon Patchouli from the botanical family of Lamiaceae or Labiatae (mint). This perennial herb has fragrant large and furry leaves, grows about 3 feet high, and has purple tinged white flowers. Patchouli is one of the top 10 used Essential Oils worldwide. Patchouli oil is often sold as an essential oil collection.

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The earthy scent of patchouli essential oil has been used in several ways. Its odor intensity is high. Shawls, clothes and linens in India were scented with patchouli essential oil to protect the cloth. Patchouli sachets were used to help make the home smell good. When shawls from India were imported to Britain in the early 1800’s, knockoff had to include the patchouli essential oil scent. In the 1960’s this scent became popular again as the hippy generation traveled to India, they began using patchouli essential oil as perfume.

The scent of patchouli essential oil is either loved or hated by people. In small amounts patchouli is a stimulant. In larger amounts, patchouli essential oils is a sedative, and is calming, uplifting, relaxing, reduces anxiety and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.

Patchouli essential oil can be used in a diffuser or topically. It is nontoxic, non-sensitizing, and a non-irritant. Over use can cause insomnia, loss of appetite, and nervousness.

Actions of Patchouli essential oil is that it is a decongestant, helps digestion, is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-infectious, antiseptic, and soothing to chapped and wrinkled skin.

The aromatherapy home use of patchouli essential oil has traditionally been used in skin care. Acne, chapped, cracked or wrinkled skin, dandruff, fungal infections, oily hair and skin, open pores, wounds, wrinkles, impetigo, dermatitis, eczema and edema had been soothed with patchouli essential oil.

Stress related symptoms, nervous exhaustion and frigidity are also conditions in which patchouli essential oils have been used according to Julia Lawless. It is reported that patchouli essential oils helps the body eliminate toxic material, help with cellulite, help with insect bites, relieve itching and dandruff and may even curb appetite and weeping wounds.

Patchouli is native to Indonesia and the Philippines and cultivated in India, China, Malaysia and South America. Believed to help prevent the spread of disease, Patchouli essential oil is used to treat headaches, colds, nausea, diarrhea, halitosis, vomiting, and abdominal pain in China, Japan and Malaysia. Patchouli essential oil is also used as an antidote to snakebites in Japan and Malaysia.

Application of patchouli essential oil can be applied topically, or used with diffusion. Because of its fungicidal and antiseptic properties, it is often used in skin care remedies in aromatherapy.

Patchouli essential oil blends well with bergamot, lavender, clary sage, pine, myrrh, rosewood, sandalwood, lemongrass, geranium, ginger and vertiger.

The warm, woody, earthy, musky fragrance in patchouli essential oils is calming, relaxing, sedating and helps reduce anxiety. Used in a vaporizer, patchouli essential brings a warm relaxing room scent while also preventing the spread of infections.

Using patchouli essential oil in an evening bath will help sooth anxiety, create a sensual mood, and help calm anxiety.

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