Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Lavender officinalis Lavender Oil

Lavender officinalis ( Lavender Oil ), the mother of all lavenders, was the common name originally given to all lavender plants. In the past 30 years lavender plant toxicology has separated lavender plants that have specific qualities, chemical constituents and physical differences. The botanical name Lavender officinalis now refers only to the lavender plant that we derive lavender oil 40/42 from. Lavender oil 40/42 has the least amount of therapeutic qualities of all lavender varieties and is the least expensive of all pure lavender essential oils.

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Today the lavender officinalis species, is one of 39 species of lavender plants, specifically identified for its profuse floral essence. This concentrated lavender flower scent oil, 40/42, from the Lavender officinalis plant, has been appropriated as the essential oil of choice for perfume, soap, bath oil, essential oil diffusers, lotion, potpourris, candles, and cosmetics. The “40/42” lavender oil of lavender officinalis, indicates the standardization of the linalool and linalyl acetate esters. This standardization insures a consistent floral scent to manufacturers of the lavender products listed above.

Lavender officinalis, lavender oil 40/42, has the highest concentration of floral scent of all the lavender essential oils, and has the lowest therapeutic components (chemicals) of all lavender essential oils. However, Lavender officinalis, lavender oil 40/42 also has some strong properties. Some of these values are:

    • diuretic,
    • analgestic,
    • sedative,
    • anticonvulsant,
    • vulnerary
    • anti-depressant,
    • tonic,
    • anti-microbal,
    • stimulant,
    • anti-rheumatic,
    • parasticide,
    • antiseptic,
    • insecticide,
    • anti-spasmodic,
    • emmenagogue,
    • anti-toxic,
    • cytophylactic,
    • deodorant,
    • carminative,
    • sudorific,
    • cholagogue,
    • hypotensive,
    • cicatrizant,
    • rubefacient,
    • choleretic,
    • nervine,
    • cordial,
    • vermifuge

Always purchase ALL essential oils by the BOTANICAL name to insure you are getting exactly the essential oil that you want. The label in this case should say, (words must be in this order) “100% Pure Lavender officinalis”, Lavender oil 40/42 essential oil. If the label does not list the botanical name and say that the oil from the listed plant is 100% pure, do not buy it, shop for pure quality and FULL DISCLOSURE! This tip will prevent you from buying a cheap blend or a synthetic oil concoction…

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