Essential Oils

Essential Oils


Aromatherapy, a medical treatment using “smell therapy” of essential oils, with or without the combination of topical essential oil massage and /or ingestion of the same or different essential oils. The inhalation of essential oils has a profound effect on the brain’s hypothalamus and limbic system. Combining aromatherapy with essential oils massage benefits the mind and the body.

Recently Judy Griffin. Ph.D, aroma therapist, herbalist, lecturer and author was invited to Baylor University Medical Center and Baylor Sammons Cancer Center at Dallas to participate in pain management for the critically afflicted patients. Dr. Griffin’s introduction of flower aromatherapy was an overwhelming success, eliminating some patient’s pain, stress, nausea, anxiety, vomiting, and medication or drastically reducing the medication needed for pain. This treatment is now accepted and acknowledged as a natural effective pain treatment by the physicians at Baylor.

Until recently, most of aromatherapy professionals operated in Europe. Aromatherapy was introduced by René M. Gattefossé PhD, a French chemist, in 1928. During World War II, Dr. Gattefossé shared his studies with Dr. Jean Vanet, a Parisian physician, that was working in China. Dr. Valnet began to use essential oils when his supply of antibiotics ran out. Since that time a multitude of French doctors have clinically validated the antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial powers of essential oils. The government of France recognizes aromatherapy and aroma therapist as sound medical practice and practitioners that is taught in their universities.

Four decades later, medical and scientific research of essential oils extracted from plants, flowers, seeds, stems and leaves has proven that aromas from the essential oils derived from this plant material can alleviate pain, relieve fatigue, vomiting, anxiety, stress, nausea, minimize medication and tension, and induce healing in the mind and body.

Aromatherapy should never be confused with products such as aerosol sprays, candles and laundry soap that claim “therapeutic” properties just because they have the scents of a plant that smell good! Aromatherapy only works with pure, plant distilled plant material that is not mixed with any man made chemical that mimics the constituent properties in the true essential oils. Cold atomized airborne essential oils particles are the absolute best! Essential oils from a candle can actually produce carcinogens. It is imperative that you use essential oils that are not blended, synthetically made or have a fragrance that has been “added”. Aromatherapy users recognize a foreign standard for acceptable essential oils, known as, AFNOR and ISO, (Association French Normalization Organization and International Standards Organization). If the essential oils that you use do not have a certification from one of these organizations (the only standards setting organizations in the world), there is a good chance that your essential oil is synthetic, adulterated perfume oil unfit for healing… Rigid testing identifies the chemistry of true essential oils that can be beneficial in your aromatherapy.

Essential Oils
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Bodyclock Iris integrates the best features of Lumie’s wake-up lights with an aromatherapy function that allows users also to benefit from their favourite essential oils. As Bodyclock Iris has two aromatherapy chambers, you can easily switch from an appropriate ‘sunrise’ oil such as up-lifting lemon, to a ‘sunset’ oil like relaxing lavender.

MONQ brings the ancient art of aromatherapy in a high-tech portable package to the world. MONQ is not a cigarette. It contains no nicotine nor tobacco extracts. Instead, each MONQ moment is made with carefully blended natural plant extracts and pure vegetable glycerin in unique flavor combinations specially selected to enhance "your moment." []

Researchers reviewed the handful of previous clinical trials testing whether aromatherapy can reduce stress, and found most to be biased, although most also did show a benefit.

Inhaling the scents of lavender or peppermint oils might help to reduce stress, but the evidence supporting that claim is too weak to rely on, according to a new analysis.

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Finding the perfect Christmas present for a loved one is never easy but a new piece of jewellery, hand-crafted objects, soft collectable teddy bears and aromatherapy products combined with a personal service and a local atmosphere can certainly help hit the spot.

A Sable River woman is gaining a reputation for being the neighbourhood witchdoctor.

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A Sable River woman is gaining a reputation for being the neighbourhood witchdoctor.

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